Friday, September 25, 2009

One Blanket Made!

I finished my "ASU" blanket yesterday. I'll have a photo up soon. It went pretty fast. I have fun with these medium-sized blankets. I can see how different colors look together and they don't take too long. I've started on a baby blanket in off white. I might want to give it to a friend for a new baby but I might donate it depending on how it turns out. 

I have a confession. My goal is to watch movies but I tend to watch recorded TV more. Lots of great new shows are capturing my attention right now. I'll talk more about these next time.

And...The Last Symbol is amazing. It's about stuff that I haven't heard of and I love it! Makes me want to do research and find out what's true and what isn't. Watched a program on TV today about the Freemasons and it was awful. Lots of theories - and they were lame theories - not enough real information. I have a book about Freemasons. Guess it should go on my reading list.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Movie Watched!

It is not necessarily easy to meet these goals. They are an ongoing process. So...I did get one movie watched yesterday. It's Bernard and Doris. Really quite mesmerizing to watch. It was like Grey Gardens in that way. It wasn't your typical movie; more of a character study. Ralph Fiennes was amazing. Just that look in his eyes. What was going on in there? Emmy Awards - didn't watch but read about who won. So many good programs and actors. Too hard to pick just one. I'm reading The Lost Symbol. Not too far in but things are happening already. I started a Project Linus blanket that is scarlet and gold, ASU colors. Kids like to have blankets with team colors. Things are moving along and that is good. I've got some other projects going so can't devote all of my time to my goals but I'm keeping them in mind and that is the point really...making progress.