Saturday, November 7, 2009


I was watching the British version of The Office last night. It was fun because I haven't seen the episodes in a long time. I watched these episodes before the American version was on the air and Ricky Gervais makes me as uncomfortable as ever. You can really despise David Brent but Michael Scott - well, you have to love him. Perhaps it was only serendipity but I think it was the genius of Steve Carell that made his character lovable. That's why our version of the show works...the characters have become lovable. Crazy...but lovable. Like a family.
     I have lots of leftover balls of yarn from all of the blankets that I make. Recently, some friends and I made a Log Cabin blanket that is destined for Project Linus. I still have more yarn, so I began and finished a Granny Square blanket with each round a different color. Using 12 blocks, it is a respectable size for a toddler or young child. I saw this simple scarf on Ravelry and happened to be at a yarn store yesterday and bought yarn to get it started. I was going to make the scarf just by looking at the photo but I ended up buying the pattern. I'm glad I did because now I know how the short rows work and I'm supporting another designer. The yarn I'm using is a lesser weight but I think it will still be fine. I'm using handpainted yarn so I hope to see a nice variation of color when it's finished.
    I listened to The Marriage Bureau for Rich People which I truly enjoyed. It was fun to listen to and I liked the different Indian voices. It had plenty of Indian customs which is always interesting. Not sure what I'll listen to next. I'm catching up on podcasts but will eventually turn to another book. I know I have Wishful Drinking on my iPod which is Carrie Fisher's new book. She is so funny and talented...I'm sure it will be another great listen.
    Really enjoying The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. So much information about the Hmong people. Stuff about the Vietnam war that I didn't know either. Makes me want to listen to A Bright Shining Lie
   I suppose I should watch a movie this weekend. Everyone's been busy and we haven't watched anything as a family. My son wants to see Twilight...I've already seen it...and maybe I'll try getting a movie from Netflix directly to my TV. Saves time not having to watch what we have and waiting for the next disc.