Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sense and Sensibility

Would that I had the sensibility to have watched this movie sooner. Perchance I would have been able to love it longer. Alas, I have loved it less than one hour, for that is how recently I viewed this delightful movie by Ang Lee. Did it win a Golden Globe for Best Picture? Yes, it did. And well deserved, too. Of course, I cried at the end. The entire movie was completely wonderful and except for the muddy roads, rudimentary medical care, and lack of indoor toilets, I would like to spend some time there. I would even venture to wear the clothes which, although not completely unflattering, looked a bit cumbersome. Would that we all still had such proper manners and spoke in such delightful manner.

Some Like it Hot. Marilyn Monroe did not wear any sort of girdle in this movie I can tell you that. She was jiggling all the way and that seemed unusual to me for the time period. She was no skinny Minny either. She was round everywhere. I wonder what size she was. Compared to the starving actresses we see now, she was a blimp. Makes me wish for the old days. Except for all the butt pinching women had to put up with. At least in Austen's time period, there was some decorum towards women even though they couldn't own property, etc. I suppose women were treated according to their class.

Born Yesterday was a fantastic movie. I understand that Judy Holliday played the role on Broadway before starring in the movie. She had lots of practice and won that Academy Award. She was wonderful. That movie is a lot of fun. It has a great message about education, the democratic system, and empowering women. Who woulda thought you could get all that in a fun, old black and white film?

And for the record, I'm glad we have universal healthcare and I hope whatever problems come up, we can fix them through legislation the way our forefathers intended.