Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Movie Watched

I watched a movie I recorded from the Sundance Channel - I Love Your Work. Turns out this movie was co-written and directed by Adam Goldberg. (He of the Beastie Boys fame.) He plays wacky guys on TV and in movies and I saw him briefly in this movie - he didn't star in it. However, the awesome Giovanni Ribisi and equally awesome Franka Potente were in it. It just goes to show that movies on the Sundance Channel are not all award winners. This movie was mildly interesting. The lead character was dealing with fame and obsession and perhaps a descent into madness. It just didn't work in the end and I was less than impressed. Would not recommend watching it although I always support indie films and love small, interesting films. You never know. Speaking of which, the Scottsdale Film Festival is coming to town this month, I believe. They show all the films over at Camelview near Scottsdale Fashion Square. Hoping to attend one of these sometime when I have the time. So many movies to see. Finished a baby blanket in record time. Decided to try selling my baby blankets on craigslist and offering knitting and crochet lesson, too. I'll be looking for more outlets for these services. The Lost Symbol is moving along quickly. Dan Brown has chapters that are only 3 pages long. You feel like you're reading quickly, but you never want to stop because each chapter ending is an OMG! TV shows that are worth watching - Modern Family which had everyone laughing practically non-stop. I like Mercy but Trauma was quite traumatic to watch. I'll try again this week and see if I can stomach it. If you are not watching Ken Burns' National Parks on PBS, you should. Thank goodness we can rent these documentaries eventually. The U.S. Mint will be issuing state quarters starting in 2010 with the states' respective national parks on the reverse side of Washington's head. Pretty cool, right? In case you don't know, you can sign up to receive state quarters and other types of coins from the U.S. Mint when they are issued. They come in a case and are directly from the mint. You can also order silver coins. Tonight, Jim and Pam get married on The Office. Sigh. 

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  1. I love the National Parks series! It's hard to watch them while getting kids to bed, but they are worth it... we counted and have been in about half of these national parks as a family. Now we have a new goal: we'll have to visit them all eventually... I'm learning a lot about American history at its best from these documentaries!