Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Yes, I watched it even though Keanu Reeves was in it. I figured, hey, he's robotic in most of his roles; this role is perfect for him! Turns out he was fine in the movie. However, the writer did not finish the job he started. There were so many questions by the end of the movie! I love science fiction and this movie could have been so much better. It didn't help that Will Smith's son played the cute little boy that no one watching the movie liked. Who made the choice that the cute kid should be a jerk? You're supposed to have sympathy for your protagonists. the 1950s version and you'll like it, I'm sure. It's kind of slow - not like movies today - so you can knit while you watch it.
Can't wait to listen to David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice. I just downloaded it from and it has 6 new stories. It's a holiday tradition!! Tomorrow on Thanksgiving we will be watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Another tradition. If you haven't seen it - where you been at? It's a really funny movie and when you're home cooking in your own kitchen, it makes you happy that you didn't travel to get your turkey dinner.
Just finished knitting a purple sock and already started the second one. Wearing the second pair I ever made right now. The socks that felt too hot in the summer are deliciously warm in the winter. They feel perfect on my feet. No seams rubbing anywhere. Knitted socks are the best!

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