Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blankets for Haiti

One of the many reasons I love Project Linus is that when there is a crisis, they put the call out for blankets for the cause and I can make something that will make a difference. We have until Feb. 27th to make blankets for Haitians who have so little. It's hard to imagine one of my blankets helping very much but I hope that it does. I hope all of the blankets we send will be used well and will let the people there know how much we care. Handmade items are so very personal. I have made so many blankets and hats and scarves in my lifetime and given them away - it's hard for me to imagine how it feels to most people to receive a handmade item. I have given items to people who have NEVER received a handmade gift. It's true! Sometimes my baby blankets are the only handmade gift a new mom receives. In times like these, I remind myself that I have something special to offer even though to me it is as simple and necessary as breathing. My handmade blankets can make a difference to someone who needs some warmth and love. Project Linus blankets are handmade hugs. Now that's special.

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