Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now, Voyager

Yup, I've heard of it - but I've never seen it. Until now. TCM is running Oscar-winning movies all month long and how fun is that? I check the on-TV schedule and set to record any movies that I think I'm interested in or maybe should see to round out my movie-watching education. Now, Voyager was a wonderful movie with Bette Davis. The nerdy young woman she is at the beginning of the movie looks exactly like my son's 13 year old friend at school. Yuck. Middle school. Do we ever look worse than we do in middle school? No. It's our transition period. Except for my youngest son who looks cute at every age. Lucky!

So, I was thinking about how the movie ended. I don't think it would have ended the same way if the story were re-made. We have really relaxed our morals in current times. I suppose there was a certain strength of character to be admired in Charlotte. I think it's interesting how now, I have observed, if you want to look frumpy - like a before and after - the girl has curly and usually frizzy hair to begin with. Then she gets all this product and blow drying and irons that tame her hair and she's transformed into the "swan." Ex: The Princess Diaries; Pam Beesly on The Office; I even saw it on one of the women in the show Mercy. She usually has made-for-her curls anyway, which are gorgeous. She has "black" hair, so who knows what it looks like when she lets it go. Black people are always having to treat their hair to fit in it seems like. Michelle Obama and her girls do it most of the time and then sometimes they get to just let their hair be. Why do we have to do these things to fit in? Even my 15 year old son fights against his gorgeous curls to flatten them out and have straight hair like all the other guys.

Embrace what's yours. I guess that's all I can say.

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