Monday, December 14, 2009

Knit Frenzy

I have been knitting almost nonstop due to my knitting class schedule coming up in January. I'm teaching a short class where we make cup cozies. I've made several in different yarns and designs trying to see what looks good and which ones I want to use for display. I'll be taking those to the store tomorrow. I love the new yarn I just bought at Knit Happens and used for my new Boston Beret. It's called Alpaca With a Twist and the colorway is orange tweed. I used the leftovers for my display cup cozy. I love how soft the yarn feels and the stitch definition is perfect.
Later this morning I will be back on track with my latest Baby Surprise Jacket. It's about halfway done. I had to put it down to get the cup cozies ready when I found out my first class is January 4th. I have at least 3 patterns that students can choose from to make in class.
Last night we watched the extended version of The Return of the King. I'm working on a yellow cotton baby hat and then will try out my own smaller version of that hat. It turns out newborns have much tinier heads and the pattern I've been using works better for older babies. I might try my own design for a baby hat too.
Also on my knitting list is tiny ornaments. I'm going to try a top down sweater but I may end up with just a tiny round ball depending on the difficulty level.

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