Sunday, December 27, 2009

After Christmas

I slowed down on my knitting a bit to get ready for and enjoy Christmas. As we have watched movies as a family, I've been knitting on my latest blanket which is a log cabin pattern for Project Linus. It's easy to knit; I don't even have to watch while I make my stitches. I now have at least three people to knit socks for so I am working on the second of my pair of purple socks for myself. I received a gift certificate to Knit Picks (yay!!) for Christmas, so sock yarn will definitely be on my next order. I've designed a cute, little baby hat which I will make a few of and then put the pattern up for sale on ravelry. I needed to create something very small and clingy for a newborn. The hat I had been making with cotton yarn was too big for a tiny baby and it was rather flimsy. That's one thing that I really like about wool - it has spring and body. Maybe some more of that Spud and Chloe would be great for a baby hat. I wish I could find a LYS that carries it though. I would like to see it up close. I have two skeins each of the bulky and sweater but would like to see the dk or baby size. Probably will have to buy it online sight unseen as I did the others.

Getting excited about teaching my first class after the holidays. Next week I will get down to business and put a list together of stuff to bring, then pull my materials together, write my patterns, maybe even practice my teaching skills on my family. Should be pretty easy and straightforward project; just haven't taught to strangers in awhile. I'm thinking about new classes I can teach during the summer. I think I'll design a Christmas stocking and ornament. Summer is the time to get those holiday gifts made before you're too stressed and busy to finish them.

Looking forward to watching some new movies - Dark Passage and Revolutionary Road. We watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night which was a present from Santa. That's one of my favorites of all the HP movies. I really like the sweeping camera work in this one. So many wonderful shots around the castle and especially looking up in the Weasley's home and the Hermione and Ron are looking down. Also watched several Sherlock Holmes movies with Basil Rathbone yesterday. Very enjoyable. Back to knitting....

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