Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globe Awards

Yes, I watch awards shows. I like to see what dresses the women are wearing. I judge from a design perspective and get ideas. Also, I like to see actors as "themselves." I don't know. The whole thing is just kind of fun. Being an avid movie fan and TV watcher, it shouldn't be surprising that I like to see what's going on. I jotted down the titles of several movies that are now in my Netflix queue including all of the nominated foreign films. Movies and TV on DVD have COMPLETELY changed our ability to see good programming. I don't get Showtime, but I've got The Tudors and The United States of Tara in my queue. When will I get to them? Who can say? No matter how much time I spend watching movies and TV, I just can't catch up to all that there is out there that I want to watch. I suppose it's better than having nothing to watch or nothing to read. I am grateful.

And, I've begun a red and white granny square blanket for Project Linus that I really like because Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this blanket reminds me of that. It's crocheted so I can take a break from knitting and work on it. I'm on the home stretch as I knit the first of a pair of socks for my husband. His first pair! They are brown, kettle dyed from Knit Picks. Thank goodness Knit Picks offers solid color sock yarn. I cannot see my husband wearing variegated socks. At least not some of the crazy yarn I've seen out there. I like variegated, of course.

I started another ruffled scarf so that I can knit along with my students in the class I am teaching tomorrow. I am very excited to teach my first class at Knit Happens. I'm looking forward to many more teaching opportunities at this store and in a private setting.

I'm also getting my latest baby hat pattern ready to submit to Knit Picks for consideration into their Independent Designer Program. This seems like a great opportunity to reach more knitters with my designs. I'm really enjoying designing and getting ready to try some new techniques as well. I've got several movies waiting on the DVR, so I'm ready to work and watch.

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