Monday, January 11, 2010


I've been having fun designing knitted items for sale and submission. I've figured out how to get my items on Ravelry - although it takes a long time sometimes to get it all coordinated. I've been spending time knitting and trying out different yarns and making small changes. I started on Ed's brown socks that I IOU'd him for Christmas. I always enjoy knitting socks. More information about my knitting exploits can be found at

Let's discuss Olive Kitteridge. I really did like this book. Olive was not an easy person to like. Every story has her in it, but they are not necessarily about her. Her husband was quite likeable and I suppose we like Olive well enough since her husband loves her. I got this idea from watching The Simpsons 20th anniversary special last night. Someone commented that people like Homer because Marge loves him. That makes sense to me.
The characters in Olive K. were vibrant and the language was quite wonderful. I didn't spend time pondering over the writer's words because I was listening to them but I could hear how they flowed and sparkled. Reading out loud gives your words a different sense. Something should be added, not lost, by reading aloud.

I'm reading The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher now and this book is quite fascinating. There is plenty of historical information about how detective work began in England. I will be eager to read Sherlock Holmes after this.
I did not get to see Sherlock Holmes, the movie, this weekend. Next weekend, I will for sure. My husband says he never wants to go to the movies again due to people talking through the movie. I admit, I usually have to ask people to be quiet whenever we are in an audience situation. Everyone thinks they are sitting at home and that it's okay to talk. It's never okay to talk. No matter what you think, I CAN HEAR YOU. So, perhaps I will rant about that another day.

Also, my older son is reading MacBeth in Honors English. I haven't read that one so will no doubt give it a go.

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